Don’t envy a good voice, you have one.
— Arthur Lessac


For as long as I can remember I have heard people express their dissatisfaction with their voice - comments like "I hate my voice", "My voice is so high pitched/nasally/raspy", "I'm always losing my voice" - and more - are things I hear on a regular basis.  Knowing that there are ways to help improve all of these things, I find myself wishing to help people find more comfort and confidence using their amazing instrument. 

Your voice is such a crucial part of your life and your communicating experience that having an awareness of how best to use it seems like a logical solution to those problems above, and many more.  So why are we never taught about how to really find our speaking voice?  Why don't we get taught when we're young about resonance, tone and how to speak confidently and with enjoyment?

In the video below, Julian Treasure talks about how you can engage people purely with the quality of your voice.  Believe it or not you can improve the quality, tone and feel of your voice if you simply open yourself up to exploring it.  On top of that, your voice can provide you with an enjoyable experience of communicating that is healthful and satisfying. 

Sounds good right?  Well, so can you - read on to see how I can help.

My goals in working with anyone who wants to develop their voice are:

To provide you with accessible activities that help you engage and enjoy speaking at work and everyday.

To give you tools that will enable you to feel confident and engaging when you communicate.

To teach you how to use your voice in many situations without strain or fatigue.

To help you understand the way your voice functions, why it sounds the way it does, and help you discover that you can have a rich, resonant voice that you will enjoy using, and that people will want to listen to.

To reveal to you that you already have all the tools you need for that "beautiful/powerful/rich voice" you think you lack, you just need guidance to discover your true potential.

If you feel that you are in need of vocal training to help you with expression and vocal stamina in your work, or you want to find healthful ways to use your voice for long periods of time without strain, or you just want to find more confidence and enjoyment speaking, I can help you find solutions for the things you want to address.  Contact me to discuss what your concerns are and together we can create a plan for you that will provide solutions.



Vocal richness, tone and clarity

Confidence and presence

Vocal health and wellness

Communication in all situations

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