Tone of voice provides information and also has a direct physical impact on our bodies.
Good vocal tone… is like a magnet, drawing people together rather than pushing them apart.
— Deborah Kinghorn, Essential Lessac


When I was young, my father always said, "It's not what you say, it's how you say it" and though I hated hearing this as a teenager, I know now how right he was.  In the video below Julian Treasure talks about the "amazing toolbox" and incredible instrument we have in our voice, and goes on to say that "This is a tool box that very few people have ever opened".  Your voice is such a crucial part of your communicating experience that it makes sense that, if you are using it every day to conduct business, you should have some awareness of how it can really serve you.  Believe it or not you can improve the toolbox you are working with if you simply open yourself up to exploring it.  This is where I can help.

My goals in working with business professionals are:

To deliver effective voice and communication training to individuals and groups.

To provide accessible training that caters to the needs of the client.

To guide clients through the discovery of vocal technique for all areas of life, including but not limited to - presentation skills, public speaking, and communicating on a daily basis.

To build the confidence of individuals and groups through activities and strategies that enable ongoing vocal improvement.

To develop clients awareness of the importance of their voice, and teach them how to engage others creatively and professionally at work and everyday.

I have existing programs that provide general instruction on the importance of vocal life and clear communication in the work place, or can work with you to create programming that is effective and specific to your needs.  Contact me to discuss what your concerns are for yourself or your business, and together we can build a program that will provide you with solutions.



Communication skills

Vocal richness, tone and clarity

Confidence and presence

Reaching your audience

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