Aimee Blesing is an actor, director, singer, acting teacher, voice and dialect coach and more.  She is a Certified Trainer of Lessac Kinesensic Voice and Body Training, and is Senior Lecturer in Acting and Directing at the University of New Hampshire.  Aimee is available for coaching and program development in voice, acting, accents and dialects for actors, and public speaking and communication - either privately or in small groups.



Your voice is a reflection of who you are. 

The human voice is one of the most unique communicating tools we have. As we become more reliant on technology for communication, we have begun to lose our innate ability to communicate using the voice. 

The tone of voice you use, the quality of your vocal resonance, and the level of vocal confidence you present yourself with all have an impact on whether people will listen to you, take you seriously, believe the things you say, and even whether they will want to engage in conversation or business with you.

Whether you are a professional working in a corporate office, a teacher working in a classroom, or an actor auditioning for theatre and film, your voice has a major influence on your success.  

Aimee can help you rediscover your vocal life, and discover how much more effective you can be.