Through your own searching, discovering, and doing, you will fully understand the feeling of complete mastery of voice and speech and its relatedness to the quality of performance.
— Arthur Lessac


Vocal training for actors is about unlocking the richness, clarity, and full vocal range available to you in your already existing instrument.  Larry Moss says in the video below "The acting work that I believe actors should do daily is of course vocal work" and I couldn't agree more.  It takes time and dedication to fully realize the value and capability of your instrument, to grasp how much more is available to you as an actor when you have expanded those capabilities, and to find a place where you no longer have to think about what you might do with your voice - that it simply responds as you wish it to, no matter the demands of the role you are playing.

As a Certified Trainer of Lessac Kinesensic Voice and Body Training, I believe that the importance of training the actor as a whole cannot be overstated.  Vocal training for actors is not just about isolating the voice, it requires awareness of the body and breath to fully expand the instrument.  With time, dedication and a sense of playful curiosity, actors can find new levels in their acting that will elevate their work beyond the pedestrian to the inspired.



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