Production Coaching Resources, Arcadia

Below are a number of resources for the production you are currently working on  If you have any questions please contact me - aimeeDOTblesingATgmailDOTcom



This video details the introductory elements for Standard British (Received Pronunciation) including physicality, musicality and consonants.



This video takes you through the essential vowel sound adjustments for Received Pronunciation. If you have these down, the rest should follow along.



After meeting with the Chair of the Classics Department I have the Latin pronunciation for you.  If you have any questions get in touch, or if there is anything we missed let me know!


additional resources


For quick answers to pronunciation questions, go to the Cambridge Dictionary online.  You can select the English pronunciations of words as opposed to the American pronunciations.  This is also the site that the Rehearsal Notes will take you to if I have given you notes on specific sounds.  Unfortunately, names don't seem to be included.

The Ask Word List is a list compiled by Barry Kur, Master Teacher of Lessac Voice & Body Training.  Some words can be either "ah" or "A", so double check with the Cambridge Dictionary if you want clarification.


The following samples are a good basis for ALL characters.  These are all standard Received Pronunciation, and show you the musicality, sounds and tone of the dialect.