"This process has restored my ability to prepare and be present in situations with regards to scenes or even life.  With having interviews for the job world I have really appreciated re-learning the preparation process and finding new tricks and tips to work through." - Francesca

"Throughout the semester, this class has taught me to trust myself, believe in my capabilities, and not worry about the audience’s perception of my acting ability. I really feel that I have overcome some of my general anxiety by stepping out of my comfort zone and acting in front of the class." - Ryan

"I am walking away with a life changing experience... I am forever grateful for having the opportunity to leArn from you" - Sophie

"...your enthusiasm and insight during class really gave me a push into applying for actor training when I had no direction... I am grateful for you and your passion and I wanted you to know it rubbed off on me." - Leo

"Thank you, Aimee, for showing me how to have confidence and how to challenge myself. You've been such an influential part of my life, and I'm so happy that I met you and had you as a professor my first semester here. I don't know where I'd be now if that never happened." - Serena

"I wanted to say thanks for all of the materials and resources you gave me and also the ability to feel confident in what I am doing and teaching to others. It has been a real asset since graduating and pursuing my theatre career." - Samantha

"I presented my final project for my major today and KILLED IT! Acting has really made me come out of my shell.  Before this class, I would have fainted in front of everyone in my class, but now that I’ve taken this class, I was barely nervous!  THANK YOU!" - Alyssa