What inspires a Vocal Coach

I teach a number of students and clients of varying experience levels and abilities.  They all start at their own beginning and through the learning process, discover what their passions are, what they enjoy, and what they want to pursue.  Whether they are training as an actor or just for everyday life,  vocal training influences the way they function in their home life, as well as their work and performance life.

Some of the most exciting and inspiring moments as a voice and acting coach are when students make discoveries that are either directly related to training, or the seemingly unconnected life discoveries.  Making choices about what goals to pursue in life can be a direct result of your commitment to improving your ability to communicate effectively through voice training.  It happens frequently in my classes and coaching sessions, and every time I see it happen, I feel incredibly humbled that the work I have passed on to my students has had an impact on them and allowed them to begin moving forward in some way.

So often we are afraid to ask questions.  We are afraid to seek out the answers to the questions about how we can achieve our goals and how we can gain a skill that we feel we lack.  The most exciting moments as a coach, for me, are the questions and the discoveries.  Being asked how one can improve, how one can develop, how one can grow, is a clear indication that one is ready to learn.  All the training, classes and lessons in the world won't help you until you have reached the point of being ready to learn, it is only then that you can really absorb and integrate what you are being taught.

When a student, a client, is ready to learn, it is exciting.  Then and only then I can help - and that is why I do what I do.  :)

Tips for Vocal Health - WATER

Tips for Vocal Health - WATER