A Little Activity... Breath and Posture

If you breathe well, you stand well, and vice versa.  Your posture and breath function together, and can hep each other out or get in each other's way.  Anyone can breathe well very easily, however, you need to know what breathing well really means.  It doesn't mean take a deep breath and raise your shoulders, puffing out your chest and tightening your throat - no.  It means letting the body breathe as it needs to - allowing the breath to be drawn in and released easily and fully.  How do I do that - you may ask?  Try this...

Sit or stand comfortably and imagine that the room around you is full of the smell of your favorite thing.  Really allow yourself to connect to that image.  Breathe in that smell.  Does it feel good?

Continue breathing in the beautiful smell you have imagined - play with just noticing the smell with an light easy inhalation, then play with absolutely relishing the smell, breathing fully and deeply, breathing out fully between each inhalation.  Notice how your body feels.  Is it rigid?  Are your shoulders pulled back and your chest puffed out?  Conversely, are you slumped over,  with your shoulders rounded and your chin jutting out?  I'm willing to bet you're not!

Now take a couple more beautiful breaths smelling this wonderful smell and then allow your body to let go of that image.  See if your breath feels fuller, easier; if your posture feels taller, more open; if your mood has changed at all for the better.  These are the benefits of healthful breathing, it improves your posture and physical wellbeing, as well as your overall mood - and it's yours whenever you want it FREE!

There you go, that's it.  Healthful breathing.  It's that simple.

You're welcome!