Tips for Vocal Health - WATER

WATER:  Hydrate! Water is ESSENTIAL to a healthy voice. Think about it - your throat is lined with the same kind of surface as your mouth, and the more hydrated you are, the more moisture you can rely on to keep your vocal folds free to vibrate without drying out! So drink up friends - WATER, not dehydrating drinks like soda, coffee or anything caffeinated!

STEAM:  Feeling tired and like your voice is drying out? Even if you have been sick and your throat is scratchy or congested, a great way to relax the throat, clear the throat and sinuses, and hydrate the tissues that line your whole breathing system is steam inhalation.
Fill a bowl with just boiled water, lean over the bowl and put a towel over your head and the bowl as you and breathe in the steam for about 10 minutes (be sensible, if it's too hot to breathe in, wait a minute - do not burn your face!). For a little extra pick up you can add a drop of certain essential oils - Lavender is the all round good guy - if you want more tips on what oils help with which throat and sinus symptoms - ask me!

TEA:  Feeling dry or scratchy, have lots of mucus or just feeling vocally tired?  Drink some herbal tea to help soothe your throat.  The best teas for the throat are liquorice, sage, Throat Coat, and when I just want something nice because I want a hot drink that won't dry or irritate my throat, I also like a cup of Rooibos Tea, which is just all round delicious and good for you!  Stay away from anything with caffeine, as it dehydrates your throat.

All in all, drinks that are water based are better for your voice.  No dairy or other milks, soda or overly sweetened beverages will ever be "good" for your voice.  They can be really acidic and encourage acid reflux, they can create mucus which makes you want to continually clear your throat, and they are also not great for your overall demeanor when you need to be functioning at your best.  If you can't stand drinking water, try adding a bit of cranberry or pineapple juice - these juices are helpful in that they give you the sense of sweetness you need, but don't create extra mucus or strip you of all moisture.

Have questions on how you can take care of your own voice?  Get in touch!